I'm Vanity Sims. You can call me Vanity or Ilene - Whatever floats your boat (; & I'm seventeen years old. I live in California & I like playing Sims. Welcome to my Simblr (:

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It just whatever you want though because Macs are favorable by everyone nowadays but there are people who just get pc cheap for perfomanance

but i don’t know what i want :/ lol i’m just a little of cautious of pcs because i guess they don’t last as long as macs do but pcs are cheaper. idk ;__; 

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*cough my siblings and bfs have been using MacBooks for years and so far nothing has fried or melted

lol that’s reassuring

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Macs pretty much suck, especially with sims build your own pc

i’m not planning on using it for simming. i’m probably gonna use my desktop when i come home on holidays & sim, but i don’t think i’ll be able to wait that long lol i’ll start looking at pcs just in case. 

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I have a Samsung (some kind of notebook) and it’s served me well for two years. I couldn’t afford a mac, but it has the same battery technology and I’ve had no troubles. It works well enough for the sims, other than speed problems.
do you know what model it is?
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I use a Pro and I’ve had it for 3 years and still runs fine. I would get the Air for portability.
if i were to get a mac, i would lean more toward the air because it’s lightweight. how much memory do you have on it? do you think it’s enough?
PC PC… lol custom build it on cyberpowerpc website
lol i’ll check that out. thank you (:
the gently-used macbook i had for school lasted 1 year and by the end had 2 melted cords, a defective screen and chunks of plastic (cont.)
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(cont.) actually fell off. maybe they’re sturdier now but my mom’s macbook also burnt out in just over a year so i have given macbooks a wide, wide berth ever since.
awww :/ this kinda killed macs for me ): lol what year was this?

Computer Help?

Macbook Pro v. Air v. PC?

hey guys (: i’m planning on getting my first laptop soon & i don’t know what to get, so i’m hoping one of you could help.

it’s main purpose will be for school, since i’m going to college in the Fall. it has to last at least 3 years. i want it be able to run smoothly and quickly. also, i want a lightweight, portable computer with good battery life. 

my price range is bleeh. my mom can’t afford to buy me one, so hopefully i can finance the computer myself (what a great way to build credit haha). so i guess the highest i’m willing to go is $1200.

i’m pretty comfortable using a mac & pc.

what do you guys use and do you like it? which would you recommend?

Anonymous said:
Your Sim Xzavier is amazing, but I seem be be having an issue with installing him to my game.. His clothing, hair, and tattoos show up but not him. Any suggestions as to how I can put him on my game?

thank you, i’m happy you like him ((:

hm that’s weird.. which file are you using? the sims3pack or .sim? 
i recommend using the .sim file. he should show up then.  

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I am literally in the same boat right now! Though internet porn addiction sounds more interesting than the structure and function of argininosuccinase ugh

lol i don’t even know what argininosuccinase is lol i don’t know even know where to begin to pronounce it aha
what class is it for?

i reeeeally wanna go in game, but i have a paper to write.
uuuugh. the struggle.