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Any tips for making guy sims?

hmm.. sliders & increased slider range are your best friend aha & if you’re ever stuck & don’t know what features to create, use an image of a guy as a starting point. that’s how i make most of my sims. try getting them as close as possible.. it adds more variety to your sims… especially if you rarely download others’ sims. it gets boring playing in a town with sims that all look the same aha.

also, don’t be afraid to go outta your comfort zone. i think this is why a lot of simmers’ sims look somewhat similar because we all have features that we favor & tend to go back to.

most importantly.. make them you & create your own style.

*publishing in case anyone else will find this helpful or can add more tips.

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florenceapple13 replied to your post“would anyone be willing to let me download seasons from off their…”

I got the torrent of all of them all together. Look for the Ultimate Bundle. It’s safe. I believe it’s on piratebay or kickasstorrentz
thank you! i’ll took into it. thanks again (:
also, what’s the website? i see ones that end in .se, .ee,, etc lol
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