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Posted on 29, of March of 2013.
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    Honestly, to all my followers out there, if you ask me a question I will do my best to answer it, I won’t snub you or...
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    When I was super new, if this had happened to me I would have probably stopped playing. The Sims makes me happy. And if...
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    i think it mainly depends on the people you follow. i haven’t seen much drama/snobbish characters on my dash. we’re not...
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    I think this happens because some choose to be immature when a nonny and/or ‘newbie’ asks a question, and reply (if they...
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  9. as-sim-ilation said: oaiufaiufd there are plenty of people that would love to help D:
  10. nadzicle said: They obviously don’t ask the right people. A lot of us are nice and answer wcif’s, or direct them to the tumblrs that are made for sims wcif’s and faqs. =[